1 ton gantry crane for sale

1 ton Gantry Crane

1 ton gantry crane is a kind of small and light weight gantry crane, and it is used to lift and move different types of materials or goods indoors and outdoors, including garage, warehouse, workshop, assembly line, material yard and so on. The 1-ton gantry crane adopts electric chain or wire rope hoist to lift load.

Because of its light lifting capacity, the crane cannot be used to lift load which is heavier than its rated lifting load. This gantry crane has very reasonable and compact structure and takes up less space compared with heavy duty gantry cranes, for example heavy duty double girder gantry crane. It has light dead weight and is easy to install, operate, inspect and maintain, and it is widely used for many different material handling operations.

1 ton gantry crane for sale
1 ton Portable Gantry Crane

Portable 1 ton steel gantry crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5t~10t
  • Span Length: 2~16m
  • Lifting Height: 2~12m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.9~7.2m/min
  • Trolley Traveling Speed: 11m/min
  • Crane Traveling Speed: 6m/min or manual
  • Working Class: A2
  • Provide Custom Option

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1 ton gantry cranes are usually mobile or portable crane, which has simple design and is easy to move and flexible to use for lifting work. Although this crane has light lifting capacity, all its lifting, traveling and other electric devices are with high quality to make sure it work reliably and efficiently to facilitate the operations.

Why Choose Aicrane 1 Ton Gantry Crane

  1. Our 1-ton gantry cranes have reasonable design and are manufactured with quality materials;
  2. Our crane works safely and reliably with very low noise;
  3. It has good work performance with very competitive price and you will be very satisfied with our product and its reasonable price;
  4. It has nice appearance, needs less maintenance, is easy to install and operate;
  5. It has light dead weight and can be adjustable;
  6. We provide first class pre-sale and after-sale service to make sure the reliable use of the crane.

If you need 1 ton gantry crane or would like to get more details about the crane, you can just tell and contact us. We supply various gantry cranes with different configurations as options and we also custom gantry cranes according to clients’ special requirements. To know gantry crane further including gantry crane installation, operation, inspection, training, gantry crane safety and gantry crane price, please just feel free to contact us without hesitation and you will get the satisfactory product and service.

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