Main Components of Double Girder Gantry Crane

Electric double girder gantry crane is mainly composed of crane operation mechanism, lower crossbeam, supporting leg, cab, main beam, trolley operation mechanism, lifting mechanism, escalator, electrical appliances and other components. Double girder gantry crane is suitable for loading and unloading of open warehouse, stock yard, railway freight station, port wharf, etc. It can also be equipped with a variety of special hooks for a variety of special operations. There are two conductive forms of crane: cable and slide wire.

Crane operation mechanism

It is mainly composed of lower crossbeam and trolley, in which the trolley is composed of active wheel group and slave automatic wheel group, and the running mechanism includes motor, reducer, gear, wheel group and other components.

Supporting legs

The section steel is used as the material, and then welded into a cage mechanism. The lower end is connected with the lower cross beam, and the upper end is connected with the main beam bolt through flange.

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The framework is made of section steel, the shell is welded on the framework with thin steel plate, the cab is closed with broken line, and the electrical appliances, distribution cabinets and lines of the control mechanism are generally set in the cab.

Main beam

The main beam is made of section steel and steel plate by welding. Generally, it is welded into a tripod. On the main beam, there are trolley running rails.

Trolley running mechanism

The main parts of the trolley running mechanism are similar to the crane running mechanism. The motor is driven by the reducer, and the small gear on the reducer is transmitted to the big gear, so that the trolley can travel back and forth.

Lifting mechanism

The lifting mechanism is installed on the trolley frame, and the lifting movement is realized through the winch and the supporting fixed pulley, movable pulley or hook.

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