Metal Structure of Rail Container Gantry Crane

The steel structure of rail container gantry crane generally adopts box structure. In order to reduce the quality of the whole machine, truss structure can also be used, but the production cost is high.

According to the different supporting ways of the door leg, the whole structure mostly adopts “Π” type and “U” type. The rigidity and flexibility of the “Π” type structure are both in the form of “Π”. The transverse rigidity of the two main beams and the strength and rigidity of the door leg are realized through the rigidity of the door leg and the beam on the door leg. The “U” structure door leg is realized by the connection rigidity between the door leg and the lower crossbeam of the door leg.

1.Main girder structure. The main beam structure consists of two box end beams and is supported on rigid and flexible legs. At present, the skew rail box girder is often used. In order to avoid the high stress area caused by wheel pressure, the “T” steel is used to weld the bearing rail with the main beam panel and the bearing web. The main beam and rigid leg are connected by high-strength bolts or welding, and the flexible leg is connected by hinged connection. For the convenience of installation, the main beam and end beam are generally connected by high-strength bolts.

2.Leg structure. Both rigid and flexible legs are of box structure. For the small and medium span rail type container gantry crane, the legs on both sides are made of rigid legs. The strength and rigidity of the Π shaped leg along the crane direction are realized by the rigid connection between the leg and the top crossbeam: for the U-shaped leg, it is realized by the rigid connection between the leg and the bottom crossbeam, while the strength and rigidity along the trolley direction are realized by the rigid connection between the main beam and the rigid leg.

3.Trolley structure. The structure of the traveling trolley is different according to whether the hoisting mechanism is steel wire rope drum type or expansion rigid frame type. Generally, the combined structure of box girder and plate truss is adopted. The layout of lifting mechanism and trolley running mechanism shall be considered for the structure of running trolley, so as to ensure that the mechanism can bear the load transferred during operation and has certain rigidity. The cab, electric control cabinet, anti rolling device, cable towing, etc. are all connected to the trolley structure.

4.Auxiliary structure. The auxiliary structure includes the electrical room structure, escalator, walkway, maintenance platform, etc. set on one side of the main beam.

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