Necessary Safety Measures When Lifting Important Objects

In each operation, the heavy objects shall be lifted about 30cm above the ground, and the operators shall check the binding firmness and balance of the lifted objects, and then continue to lift the objects;

When starting the machine, the heavy objects shall be lifted about 30cm from the ground, and the operation can be started only after confirming that the brake works reliably;

When lifting heavy objects, the lifting and lowering shall be balanced, and the fast lowering time shall not be too long. When the lowering speed of the heavy objects is greater than the synchronous speed of the motor, it is not allowed to directly reverse connect and make the heavy objects. When the heavy objects fall rapidly, it is not allowed to stop suddenly;

When the hoisted object needs to run in reverse, the controller must be turned to the zero position first, and the reverse operation can only be carried out after the mechanism is completely stopped and the object is balanced. It is forbidden to use reverse operation for parking to avoid emergency braking;

When the hook is lowered to the lowest position or the boom is east to the maximum amplitude position, at least 3 circles of wire rope shall be left on the hoisting and luffing drum, and the wire rope shall be wound neatly on the drum;

Adjustment and maintenance of transmission parts must be carried out after shutdown;

In case of sudden power failure or other faults during operation, try to make the hoisted object fall to the ground and not stay in the air;

When the machine is stopped, the boom shall be moved to the maximum extent, turned to the direction of downwind, the empty hook shall be raised 5-6m away from the top of the boom, the control handle of each controller shall be placed at the zero pole, the power shall be cut off, and the external power scribe shall not leave until all parts are checked to be correct.

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